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16 April 2009 @ 03:20 pm
Those Eyes  
Let me see what hides behind your eyes,
Your youthful memories radiate so bright,
Every time I look a little part of me dies,
I want to drown in those eyes of yours,
Suffocate in those happy remenissions,
Because when it rains it pours,
And to dance in the water with you,
Would make every single second worth it,
I think you would rather waltz, too,
Slowly allows for a much warmer blanket,
I love those eyes of yours so much,
This won't hurt,
Not at all,
Don't worry about the blood,
The rain will was it all away,
It always does,
It's okay to cry during a slow dance,
Let me see what hides in those eyes,
I'll know forever from now on,
Now that I've plucked your eyes out.